PBJ Design is a non-profit organization of Nova Scotia, overseen by a board of directors, and dedicated to small projects that make big changes. Our staff makes that happen in conjunction with our board of directors. We couldn’t do what we do without the people making it happen.

PBJ Design Staff

Alyson Dobrota
Executive Director

Alyson Dobrota is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Community Design Program at Dalhousie University, where she studied how to evaluate the impact of community projects. Alyson is passionate about using creative ways to foster deeper connections and engagement in a community.

Jeremy Banks

Jeremy Banks is an artist and urban planner, with a Bachelor in Community Design from Dalhousie University (2017) and a Diploma in Applied Theatre from Vancouver Island University (2011). Jeremy focuses on the intersection of art and urban spaces and how that combination leads to social collisions and innovations that address social, economic, and environmental issues with a practical approach. He has presented on placemaking and community engagement to Halifax Regional Municipality (2015), the Atlantic Planners Institute (2015) and at Project for Public Spaces UN Summit on Placemaking (2016).

Peter Nightingale
Manager of Operations/Co-Founder

Peter Nightingale is a recent graduate of Dalhousie's Bachelor of Community Design (2017). His work led to his position at the Town of Chester, where he assists with plan reviews, development agreements, and municipal policies. Peter led the original #PlayMeHFX program in 2015, and Peter continues to support PBJ Design with the board of directors.

Gail Armour
Lead Project Coordinator

Gail recently graduated from the University of Western Ontario in a Bachelor of Political Science. She will be entering Dalhousie in September for her Master’s in Urban Planning. Gail has done a lot of travelling in the last few years, and she believes this will give her an interesting perspective on how to improve communities.

Holly Blackmore
Project Development Coordinator

Holly recently completed her undergraduate degree in Community Design and Sustainability at Dalhousie University and will be starting the Master of Resource and Environmental Management program this fall. Her main interests are in wildlife conservation and learning how to foster sustainable communities which promote wellbeing and environmental awareness through design.

Francine de Lotbinière-Bassett
Program Development Coordinator

Francine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Development Studies from Queen’s University. She is currently completing her masters in planning at Dalhousie University. Francine’s interest in placemaking is grounded on an appreciation for the outdoors, trails and movement.