Meet our team

PBJ Design is a non-profit organization of Nova Scotia, overseen by a board of directors, and dedicated to small projects that make big changes. Our staff makes that happen in conjunction with our board of directors. We couldn’t do what we do without the people making it happen.

PBJ Design Staff

Alyson Dobrota
Executive Director

Alyson Dobrota is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Community Design Program at Dalhousie University, where she studied how to evaluate the impact of community projects. Alyson is passionate about using creative ways to foster deeper connections and engagement in a community.

Jeremy Banks

Jeremy Banks is an artist and urban planner, with a Bachelor in Community Design from Dalhousie University (2017) and a Diploma in Applied Theatre from Vancouver Island University (2011). Jeremy focuses on the intersection of art and urban spaces and how that combination leads to social collisions and innovations that address social, economic, and environmental issues with a practical approach. He has presented on placemaking and community engagement to Halifax Regional Municipality (2015), the Atlantic Planners Institute (2015) and at Project for Public Spaces UN Summit on Placemaking (2016).

Peter Nightingale
Manager of Operations/Co-Founder

Peter Nightingale has a Bachelor of Community Design, with Honours in Urban Design and Planning from Dalhousie University’s School of Planning. Peter is currently working as a professional planner for a Nova Scotia municipality. Peter helped create the original #PlayMeHFX program in 2015, and Peter continues to support PBJ Design with the board of directors.

Gail Armour
Lead Project Coordinator

Gail is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario in a Bachelor of Political Science and is currently studying her Master’s of Urban Planning at Dalhousie University. Gail has done a lot of travelling in the last few years, and she believes this will give her an interesting perspective on how to improve communities.

Duncan Armour
Project Designer

Duncan graduated from Saint Francis Xavier with a BA in Psychology and Fine Arts graduate. He has a keen interest in parametric architecture and designs. Duncan is eager to find ways to combine both art & function to bring art to the public. 


PBJ Board & Associates

Claire Tusz

Claire Tusz is a recent graduate from Dalhousie University’s Bachelor of Community Design Program, where she completed her Honours project in Environmental Planning. She is interested in studying human scale design, mental health in both rural and urban communities, and the advantages of protecting and harnessing ecosystem services within urban environments. With a musical background, Claire is keen to explore the correlation between art and nature both within and outside of academia.

Caitlin Grady
Vice President

Caitlin recently finished her degree in Sustainability and Biology at Dalhousie University and now works for CPAWS Nova Scotia. She is proud to support PBJ as a board member and bring a conservation perspective to this placemaking work.  

Maria DeNicola

Maria DeNicola is a counselling therapist with a holistic work approach centered on  compassion and collaboration. Her interest in placemaking arose from her belief that the environment that someone is in plays a large role on their mental health.

Zach Henderson
Board Member

Zach Henderson is a physiotherapist who has a keen interest in physical activity and accessibility. Zach’s interest in placemaking and urban planning comes from his enthusiasm for active transportation.

Alex Dunphy
Board Member

Alex Dunphy is a graduate of the Community Design program at Dalhousie University. Alex joined PBJ Design because of his strong belief in the notion that small changes can make big impacts for the better. Alex enjoys working with local businesses and community groups to bring out the best in a community.

Kate MacMillan

Kate Macmillan is entering her final year of Dalhousie University’s Bachelor of Community Design. She is interested in studying the relationship between art, urban design, and the use of public space. Kate hopes to share the public’s stories and memories through interactive community projects.

Lindsay Slade

Lindsay is a recent graduate of the Dalhousie School of Planning and will be entering into the Masters of Community Development at Acadia University in the fall of 2019 to focus her studies on equitable access to active transportation in rural Nova Scotia. Her passions for community design include community health, wellness, and equity and she hopes to create projects that are accessible to all and that foster a tighter-knit, supportive community.