Wildlife Mural

Nova Scotia is home to many wildlife species. The East Hants Municipality has a vast network of parks and trails which act as both a home for many wildlife species as well as enjoyable recreation space for locals and tourists alike. We wanted to introduce a mural to East Hants that educates the public about some of the many animals that live in the area in the hope to support conservation efforts. The Wildlife Awareness Mural aims to provide an opportunity for wildlife education, community engagement and participation, while also promoting a local trail and beautifying the area.

There are a lot of great wildlife resources available. This is where we got our information for the East Hants Wildlife Mural! The Wildlife Mural is located at the 9 Mile River Trails in East Hants, go check it out to see beautiful wildlife paintings by Nova Scotian Artist Barbara Cronk and to get to know some of our local wildlife! 

A special thank you to the Nine Mile River Trails Association, Barbara Cronk and the East Hants Municipality for their kindness and support with this project. 

Know any other places in Nova Scotia that could use a Wildlife Mural? Let us know by clicking here.

PBJ Design acknowledges that our projects take place in Mi’Kma’ki, on the traditional unceded lands of the Mi’kmaq People. Placemaking is nothing without the land and communities we work in, and we acknowledge that this place is Mi’Kma’ki. For more information, click here.

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