#PlayMeHFX is a program that places playable pianos in public spaces for everyone to play, share, and enjoy. Now in its fourth year, #PlayMeHFX was launched in the summer of 2015 with great success and support from the public. Inspired by similar projects in cities such as Vancouver, London, and New York, #PlayMeHFX seeks to use pianos as a placemaking tool to promote community engagement. It is our hope that these playable public pianos will encourage people to interact with their community, engage with their neighbours, and re-connect with some of their favourite public places.

One of the fundamental goals of this project is to have people share their experiences.  Whether you witnessed an impromptu performance, or sat down yourself to play a tune, we encourage people to share their experiences, photos, or videos online with the hashtag #PlayMeHFX.  The lives of these pianos are defined by the experiences people have with them, and by sharing our stories with others, we can greatly increase the impact these pianos will have on their communities.

The 2018 #PlayMeHFX pianos are officially out! Look for the them in Grafton Park and Granville Mall!