Blue Heron Painting

Urban environments can sometimes be a bit boring, all that same infrastructure that you’ve seen all across cities. But it doesn’t have to be this way, like this fun mural by Duncan Armour and Riki Hartinger, painted onto an exhaust post in Downtown Dartmouth. 

The painting is designed to look like a Blue Heron, which is one of the many water birds that you’re shore-to-see around our beautiful province! Herons spend most of the summer months in Northern areas, as far as Alaska and Canada’s southern provinces. They’ll migrate south in the winter months into the Caribbean, northern South America, and the Southern United States. You can find them in saltwater marshes, mangrove swamps, flooded meadows, lake edges, or shorelines. They’re a very adaptable species, and can even live in heavily developed areas as long as there’s a body of water with fish to feed from!

It’s the little things that bring joy to our lives, we hope this humble decorative piece brings a smile to faces for years to come! And a special thank you to the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission for helping bring this project to life, we couldn’t have done it without them!

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