Why we do this

At PBJ, We believe that small things can create big changes, and we want Halifax, and your community, to be recognized and celebrated as a place for creative projects, growing small businesses and a strong sense of community.

It’s small things that lead to big changes, like how a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the right time can turn your frown upside down. Our small changes are focused on creating spaces people want to be in – like turning a house into a home, a street corner to a piano performance, or an alley into a market. We aim to create small changes that make visitors and locals feel connected to the spaces they are in and excited to be a part of the communities they’re in.

When we get a piano, paint it, and put it in a public space, we see change. People gather, a conversation is sparked, and people grow a greater appreciation for the place. The experience is shared in that moment with those nearby and is also shared online, showcasing their unique experience of Halifax, and our project with the world. Yarn-bombing creates changes beyond a fence beautified with art. Art leads to people admiring it, which leads to increased safety with more people around and more “eyes on the street”. Art also brings increased attraction to the places and local businesses nearby, contributing to small businesses and regional economies – giving residents something extra to celebrate, and giving visitors a reason to return and share the experience again.