Yarn Bomb

Yarn-Bombing is a tactical and simple way of improving public spaces. Halifax’s Downtown is in the midst of heavy construction, and pedestrian-scale spaces are not very appealing. By incorporating a yarn design on a fence in an unsightly area, we hope to draw more people to the area, increase their sense of community and safety, and counter the negative perspectives of an area while under construction.

Last July (2017) we gathered a group of people in Downtown Halifax to engage in Yarn-Bombing a chain-link fence on Sackville Street, where there was intensive construction.  People walking down the street were distracted from the construction and instead noticed the beautiful artwork.  This project inspires people to improve public spaces and encourage engagement in their communities.

Following that initial Yarm Bomb, PBJ Design led a series of six more Yarn Bombs on Argyle Street, to distract from the construction occurring there at the time, and to beautify the chain link fences surrounding the businesses on that street.