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PBJ Design creates educational content on a variety of placemaking, community improvement and urban planning topics. All blog posts have been researched and written by the PBJ Design staff members. Take a look through our blog posts to learn more!

As an organisation, we felt that it was important to reflect on the role we play in building and supporting
land acknowledgements
As a placemaking organization, our goal is to engage communities across Nova Scotia to be more vibrant and active. We
COVID-19 has stopped all large gathering in Canada-- but it can’t stop our communities from coming together to support one
What could be more magical than a rainbow? Looking up into the sky after a grey, rainy day and seeing
The decline of the bee has been all the buzz all as of late. Bees, the invaluable components of agriculture
importance of playing
Often when we think of playing, we think of children. Once we reach adulthood, we trade in those care-free times
public piano in halifax
We love our #PlayMeHFX public pianos. We love the beauty and music that it adds to Halifax. We love how
placemaking project in halifax
PBJ Design is a placemaking organization that serves Halifax and communities across Nova Scotia. But what does that mean? Placemaking
The majority of bus shelters we see in any given city tend to be the run of the mill, standard
Placemaking projects are meant to use a collaborative process that brings people together in the public realm. What better way
Importance of placemaking
PBJ Design considers itself to be a placemaking non-profit but how does that help describe the projects we do and
Take a look at a few things that we feel is important to keep in mind for our Halifax placemaking
Tactical Urbanism aims to quickly improve an urban environment by changing physical elements or the programming of a space. Tactical
Social Art is a concept used to describe public art that comments on a social issue with the hopes of
How do you inspire people to recycle or to drive below the speed limit? The typical approach is to launch
Public Piano On Halifax Waterfront
Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper is a placemaking and community design method that originates from the Project for Public Spaces, an organization