Small Changes Make Big Impacts

PBJ Design is a nonprofit that creates innovative and vibrant placemaking projects that build healthy and connected communities across Nova Scotia through projects that address social, environmental, and economic issues. Read on to learn more about what we do. 

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Why we do what we do


Our theory of change is: engaging people in unique ways changes the way they connect with their community.

Our projects aim to test solutions that influence the community we work with. Therefore, a key element of our process is iteration. Our organization has always evolved as our ideas have; we adapt and change based on the work we’re doing, and being nimble continues to be a core value of ours.

Our ultimate goal is to bring to life projects that have the potential to shift the way that people live in their communities to add more vibrancy and connection. We truly believe that the way to do this is to be willing to try new things, to be open to the wildest of ideas, and to always be willing to be self-critical. 

We know that we’re not the experts at everything we do. But, we do know that we’re great at trying new things. And our goal is that someday, one of the new things that we try will have the potential to make a community even more vibrant.

What we do

We work with a wide range of like-minded organizations to help them create public spaces that are welcoming, walkable and beautiful. We help our partners achieve their goals of improving public spaces for the greater good. 

Project Management

We can help our partners through a variety of different steps in the placemaking project management process, including idea conception, budgeting, securing funding, engagement and project creation. 


We conduct research for partners to ensure that the projects they hope to do will have a positive impact on the community. We do research on a variety of different community building topics. 

Grant Management

We work with our partners to help secure funding for new projects. We do this by finding funding sources, writing proposals and creating project budgets. We do this to turn ideas into reality.

Our Origin Story

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So simple, yet so satisfying. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face. That’s our inspiration for why we do what we do. 

In our early days, we began to explore how public art projects can gather people, promote local businesses, and foster creativity. We became known for our #PlayMeHFX pianos but also played with yarn-bombing, pop-up markets, and chalk festivals.

The success of these small-scale projects has propelled us to create larger, longer lasting projects that will have even greater impacts on our communities. These days, we work hard to bring murals painted by local artists, active transportation projects that connect people to their communities, and events in Nova Scotia. COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of public space and connected communities more than ever. We work to come up with solutions that help people feel more connected to and supported by their communities, even during times of struggle.

public piano in halifax

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